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Strong Athletic Trans Pride Sticker with Logo

This is the front of the Strong Athletic Logo Sticker on the Trans Flag. There are so many stigmas with being trans. People in society misunderstand trans people and in sport it's no different. Trans Women are accused of transitioning just so that they can compete again cis women and win medals. The human experience is highly personal, and because of that Strong Athletic believes and listens to other athletes. We are an ally of the Trans Community and also of Trans Athletes.
These stickers usually ship within 24 hours. If we're unable to do that, we'll message you. Thanks for your order!
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About the Strong Athletic Sticker with the Trans Pride Flag

This is the sticker that we made for all of the members of the Strong Athletic Community who are trans and who are trans allies. We support ALL athletes in ALL sports, competing at ALL levels. 

If you want to buy the LGBTQIA Sticker pack with the Strong Atheltic LGBT+ Pride Sticker and the "We Believe" Sticker click here

Stickers are great! I put them on my truck, on my water bottle, my computer, my fridge, on my friend's stuff.

These stickers are weatherproof, however the ink will smear off if you put them on a water bottle and then use that same water bottle to make margaritas. (We might have learned this from a personal experience). 

These stickers are printed by an Colorado owned and run company called Sticker Mule.