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Who Makes the Shirts for Strong Athletic Nonbinary Athletes?

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These are the crew neck drop arm muscle tanks that Strong Athletic created for members of the ENBY community in sports and athletics. Recognizing a person's pronouns is incredibly important. Respecting that a person uses they, them, and their is as essential as addressing a cis person as she or he. Using pronouns properly and in a non-offensive manner is not radical, it is a normal human courtesy that should be extended to everyone.  When you see a human for who they are and you acknowledge how they identify you not only show that you respect them, but you are being inclusive. Inclusivity in sports is extremely important. The majority of sports are divided by gender, but what happens for people who are gender nonconforming? What happens for people who do not identify as male or female, or they identify as both? As the realm of sports progresses and human rights progress our hope is that sports organizations will continue to see a need to become more inclusive and less binary. We also hope that politicians will stop politicizing people's gender identity and realize that proper usage and recognition of pronouns is not radical. We created this shirt because this issue and conversation exists within the sports world and we want to help make it public so that people can have meaningful discourse.