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Drop Arm Muscle Tanks and Vests


Are you looking for the Perfect Drop Arm Muscle Tank? 

Strong Athletic is very picky when it comes to choosing which styles of shirts we're going to use for Strong Athletic. One of our absolute favorite types of tank tops is the drop arm or dropped arm muscle tank. Drop arm muscle tanks allow for your shoulders and arms to move free from fabric. Sometimes when you're wearing a regular t-shirt or tank top, the material of the fabric can get tangled on your arms while you're power lifting, using the rowing machines or doing exercises that require lots of upper body movement. There's nothing worse than doing a high-intensity workout and feeling like your arms can't do the proper range of motion and it's because of the type of shirt you have on. 



Top 5 Reasons People Workout in Dropped Arm Muscle Tanks

  1. Dropped arm muscle tanks keep your arms unencumbered while you're lifting weights, so that your arms have the proper range of motion.
  2. Working out in a hotter climate? Drop arm muscle tanks ensure that you don't have a bunch of fabric touching your skin, making it so you have a lot of air flow on your chest, your torso and on your lower back.  
  3. Drop armhole tanks are an extremely popular design because the cut of the tank is so complimentary. 
  4. Drop armhole tanks show off whatever garment you have on underneath, so if you're wearing your favorite sports bra, you'll be able to show it off!
  5. Ease of movement is made possible with the open arm structure of the drop arm muscle tanks. 


Top Reasons People Love Strong Athletic Drop Arm Muscle Tanks

  1. "I love my Strong Athletic drop arm muscle tanks because the cut is so stylish."- Amanda Everly

  2. "I tried to cut my own drop arm shirts from t-shirts but they never came out right. My drop arm muscle tanks feel perfect."  -Stephanie Smith

  3. "I have a ton of bras that are just as cute as the shirts I own. It always feels like a waste when I wear a shirt over them. With the drop arm muscle tanks, I'm able to do both- show off my favorite sports bra and my favorite tank top at the same time." -Kim Roberts
  4. "The Sol's Drop Arm Muscle tanks are super hard to get a hold of in the US. I was stoked when I found Strong Athletic's website and even more excited when I found that they carry the Sol's tanks." -Tim McMurry
  5. "I now own 3 drop arm muscle tanks from Strong Athletic. At first I didn't like how much of my bra and side-boob showed, but now I actually feel comfortable in the tank and it's helped my body image issues." - Jamie Rodriguez