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About the OUTSpoken Shirts by Strong Athletic T-Shirt Company

There are many types of outspoken humans in the world. At Strong Athletic we like to think of two types in particular. Those who voice their opinion and speak out about what they believe in and those who speak out by doing what they think is right. Both are good, yet they are different. We have three designs that pay tribute to these outspoken humans. 

Strong Athletic is a company that is owned by Nadia Kean. Nadia is a person who is a female in sports. A member of the LGBTQIA2S+ Community. A person who is an Arabic-Irish American. A person who was raised by a single mother. A person who promotes the involvement of cis women, trans humans, and lgbtqia2s+ members in sport. 

These shirts were created not only for outspoken humans who speak up, but also for queer humans who are "out". Being "out" about anything that you're meant to keep hidden takes bravery and tenacity. If it were not for all of the queer humans who were out and open about who they were while Nadia was growing up, she would never have known that she could be gay, that it was okay to be gay, that you could thrive and be happy as a gay person. Nadia would like to thank all of the people in the world who are speaking up about topics that are not easy to speak about, and who are doing their part to ensure that the world is a safer, more inclusive place. 

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