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OUTSpoken Boxy Crop Top

This is the front of the OUTSpoken crop top designed by Strong Athletic. In certain light you can see the words jumping off of the tank, and in other light they blend right in. There are many ideas behind this crop, but two key ideas are this: one, the founder of Strong Athletic is part of the LGBT+ community and this tank is a nod to others who are out in that community. Two, not everyone is able to be out, so they must "blend" in during their everyday life, so the words blending into this tank are part of that concept.

About the OUTSpoken Grey and Pink Striped Boxy Crop Top

The OUTSpoken Line was created by Strong Athletic founder Nadia Kean in the fall of 2017 as a way to add to the Strong Athletic Queer line. It is so important for people in the LGBTQIA community to be able to be open about who they are. In addition to being open about it, it is important to be "out" and not in hiding. This unfortunately is not the reality of millions of humans across the world. Whether it is how they identify, or what religion they practice, or what culture they are a part of, so many people are still in hiding because of the persecution and rejection they face if they were open. Finally, this shirt's design is dual purposed. We love this tank top and we also love the sliver ink that we used on it. By using the silver ink, sometimes the words blend in with the colors of the tank, and other times they shine right off of the shirt, revealing what the shirt is all about. To read the blog post about this design click here

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