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Moisture Wicking Performance Tanks

About the Moisture and Sweat Wicking Performance Racerback Tanks by Strong Athletic 

Some of us are not specific when it comes to what type of material we want our workout shirts to be, however some of us are super picky! For the athletes and fitness junkies in the world who want to workout in light-weight fabrics that are designed to pull moisture and sweat away from your body, you're gonna love these tanks. Our newest addition to the Strong Athletic line, these performance tank tops are designed to move as easily as your body does. 

We find most performance workout tanks to be cool colors but they don't have much personality. Strong Athletic decided that we wanted to do something about this and so we found a sweat resistant, super silky tank top that is perfect for both high and low intensity workouts and we hand printed all of our favorite designs on them. We even added a few new designs specifically one for rowers and one for runners. For these two designs, the Strong Athletic Rower and the Strong Athletic Runner tanks, we printed them on a high-visibility neon yellow wicking tank so that the athletes wearing them are easier to see when doing their sports. 

We also created a few designs that show off people's Texas and Austin pride. That's right. Are you a Strong Athletic Texan or a Strong Athletic Austinte? Now you can tell the world in our Texas and Austin specific shirts. We have printed these designs on a variety of different shirts and we wanted to make sure to have them available in our wicking fabric tanks so that when it gets super hot in Texas, you have material on your body that is suited for the heat. 

Ever wonder if moisture-wicking material really makes that big of a difference when you workout? We've put together a list of reasons that we like to exercise in shirts that are specifically designed to pull sweat off of your body. Some people read the label, and upon seeing that athletic wear is made from polyester fabric, they are turned off. The truth is that polyester is no-longer the heavy and hot fabric that it was when it was all the rage in the 70s. New methods of creating the clothing have made it so that polyester really makes a great workout top. Here's our top ten reasons why these workout tanks are our favorite: 

These are the Top 10 Reasons to Workout in Moisture-Wicking Material 

  1. Breathable
  2. Durable
  3. Comfortable 
  4. Move freely
  5. You won’t feel restricted and will have improved range of motion 
  6. Regulate and control your body temperature 
  7. Wrinkle resistant 
  8. Light-weight 
  9. Non-absorbant 
  10. UV protection due to the polyester material  

About the Team 365 Performance Racerback Tank Top

We use the Team 365 Performance Racerback Tank Tops as our choice for active wear. Here are 5 things you should know about these awesome racerbacks: 

  1. The arm holes for this tank are not dropped. If you wear a bra, a binder or an undershirt under this tank, it is not as likely that you will be able to see it. Note the athlete in the size chart above. 

  2. This is a scoop-neck design, which means that your collarbone will likely show. 

  3. The back of the tank is a racerback, which means that the straps make more of a "T" or a "Y". If you wear bras with traditional straps, it is likely that your bra will be visible. The athlete in this photo is wearing a racerback bra, so it is not visible. 

  4. The length of this tank is longer than a cropped tank. Depending on the length of your torso, this tank will cover your hips, possibly sitting lower than your hips.  

  5. We highly recommend that you use this size chart to make your choice in the size of the shirt you choose, as this will get you the most accurate size for your body.