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Strong Strong Strong

About the Strong Strong Strong shirts

Strong Athletic decided in 2016 that it wanted to have a shirt that used the simple word Strong to convey its message. We decided that the word Strong, written out 3 times and vertically on a shirt was a powerful image that would make an impression on people. This is one of our favorite designs because it is so simple, yet so complex. Although some find the word "athletic" to be super powerful, others find it to be suffocating. The word athletic often comes with a ton of baggage. What does it mean to be athletic? Is it a good quality to call yourself athletic? Does it mean you have to be a jock if you're athletic? Can you be smart and also be athletic? Can you be fat and also be athletic? Can you have a physical disability that keeps you off of the majority of playing fields and also be athletic? What if you feel strong, but you don't feel athletic? These are all questions that we encourage people to contemplate, discuss and consider. These are questions that Strong Athletic is always bringing up and contemplating. 

Giving a person a method to tell the world who they are is our key priority. It's always been about making a statement for our t-shirt company. It's always been about amplifying the voices and beliefs of the people who wear our apparel. Regardless of if you prefer the "Strong" or the "Athletic" more when you wear our shirts and hats, we support you. The way that you want to describe yourself is what is most important to us. We're simply honored that you'd include us while making any powefrul statement.