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Strong Athletic Official

About the Strong Athletic Official Shirt 

Strong Athletic was founded in the sport of Roller Derby. Nadia Kean, aka Smarty Pants, played roller derby for 15 years. Around year 11 she started to play with another athlete named Cristen Perks. Cristen Perks made Nadia a shirt that said Strong Athletic Woman on it after Nadia called her teammates on Texas Rollergirls a "fine group of Strong Athletic Women" over and over as a protest to her teammates and herself being called "girls" way too often. The gift from Cristen was perhaps one of the most profound gifts that she has ever received. 

If you are a part of roller derby or you are a fan, you know how important officials are to the sport. In the WFTDA Rule set there are On Skates Officials and Off Skates Officials. They ensure the safety of the skaters and the accuracy of the game. There are over 92 pages of rules in the sport of Women's Flat Track Roller Derby. With that many rules, if you're going to play the sport or officiate it, you've got to be well informed.

Strong Athletic created the Strong Athletic Official Shirt in 2015 for all of the officials in the game. In 2018 Katy Osmundson of Salem, Oregon had a few custom shirts made with the words Strong Athletic NSO on them and after that, once all of Katy's friends saw those shirts, a flood of requests came in for that exact shirt, and so, of course, Strong Athletic added it to our roster. 

If you're an officiator in the sport of roller derby, or any sport for that matter, thank you so much for making it possible for athletes to play their sport. Our sports are so much better because you have chosen to join them! 

If you're an official and wear this shirt, thank you! If you wear it while officiating or you take photos and post them on social media, please tag us! We'd love to see what you're up to and repost! We use the tags #strongathletic , #strongathleticofficial , #strongathleticnso , #rollerderby , #rollerderbyofficials , #rollerderbynso , #rollerderbylife , #wftda

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