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Texas and Austin Pride

About the Strong Athletic Texan and Strong Athletic Austinite Shirts

These are the shirts we've made for all of the proud Texans and Austinites who want to tell the world that they are Strong and Athletic. Being a Texan is an interesting experience. Situated in the middle of the United States, Texas is neither part of the South nor the West, it encompasses values and aspects that are unique to itself. Once part of Mexico, and long before that home to thousands of Indigenous People including the Karankawa, Apache, Neches, Comanche, Caddo, Wichita, Coahuiltecan, Tonkawa, Texas has held many identities. Currently home to 3 of the largest cities in the US, Texas has a massive population and covers a lot of ground. 

One person's Texas is not the same as the next person's and because Texas is such a large state it is highly possible and probable that your experience growing up or living in Teas will not be the same as a person who lives within the state line but 800+ miles away from you. Texans love to tell people how great their state is. They will list off any number of reasons for why their state is the best in the US. We created these shirts as a nod to our home state of Texas and as a way to highlight all of the epic athleticism that comes out of the state of Texas. 

Austinites are an interesting group of Texans. Some people from Austin take hold of the "Texas Stereotypes" and embrace them, while other Austinites want to distance theirselves from those qualities. Austin is known for being a fairly active and outdoorsy city. Not all Austinites are able to play sports or be physically active. Depending on where you live in the city or what your day to day life is like, you will not have the same experience as someone on the other side of town. But, that being said, we wanted to create the Strong Athletic Austinite shirt for all of the people in Austin who are proud of who they are, where they have come from and for being strong and athletic.