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Nerd, Dork and Super Awkward Shirts

About the Strong Athletic Nerd, Strong Athletic Dork and Strong Athletic Super Awkward Shirts

There are so many slang words to discuss people who are sporty or who play sports. There are words that you may or may not have identified with. Words like "jock" and words like "nerd" don't typically go hand in hand to describe the same person, but Strong Athletic wants to change that. These shirts originated as requests from different members of the Strong Athletic Community. They originated as a way for people to describe theirselves in way that is authentic to their own experience. Can you be a Strong Nerd? Can you be a fit Nerd? Can you be a Strong Athletic Dork? Is it okay to say that you're super awkward? Is it okay to claim all of these words? The answer, of course, is yes. The days of being teased for having your head in a book, or being the smartest kid in class, or being a bit silly, or awkward are over. Take back those words. Claim them for yourself. Tell people that you can be many things, including strong and athletic and anything that you put your mind to.