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About the Strong Athletic Human Shirts

Strong Athletic is always asking our community of athletes what words they'd like us to use to describe them in sports. There are so many people in the world, but binary and nonbinary, who simply want to be described as human. The word human is all encompassing. It can be used as both a noun and as an adjective. The word is all inclusive and it is not biased to age, gender, ethnicity, religion, status, income. The word is powerful and binds us to one another when nothing else will. 

In sports, we all need to be more human. There is not equality in sports. Depending on where you live, what gender you are, how you identify, what your religion is, your income, your social status, your health, all of these are factors that leave the "playing field" of sports far from being level. As the world progresses, hopefully the experience to play sports and show your strength will also progress for all humans. Until then, you can wear these words across your chest and make the simple statement that you are a Strong Athletic Human and that you see that simple capacity for others too.