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Sold Out! Strong Athletic Human Flowy Muscle Tank for LGBT Athletes

This tank is sold out! To see our Strong Athletic Human designs that we have in stock, just search "human" and they will come up.
For the gym or just hanging out.  Flowy Muscle Tank. Strong Athletic Human.  See size chart provided to get the perfect fit. You are Strong. You will standout in this Strong Tank Top. We love this Bella Canvas tank because the drop arm sleeves make it so that it shows off our favorite bra. Strong Athletic is a queer and woman owned company that supports all humans in sports.

The Perfect Tank for LGBT+ Athletes: the Strong Athletic Human Flowy Muscle Tee

Are you a Strong Athletic Human? We think that you should tell the entire world that you are and in doing so motivate all of those people out there who are driven when they read these three words across your chest. In a world that still thinks a person's athletic career ends after college, Strong Athletic knows that humans have potential in sports up until the age that they decide to hang up their cleats and chill out. playing sports and finding satisfaction in being an athlete is invaluable. At Strong Athletic we want to encourage all people to play sports and find their inner strength. Be bold in this bold tank and tell the world that you're not done being strong, you're just beginning.  

About this Bella Canvas Black Marble Muscle Tank

These shirts were printed at a small scale shop somewhere in the United States. Most were printed by Amanda who prints out of Austin Screen Printer's Coop in Austin, Texas. Amanda is a teacher, and artist and when she's not working on her art she's playing with her cats. The design of this shirt is based on the original Strong Athletic Woman design produced by Cristen Perks as a gift for Nadia Kean. Cristen was gracious enough to all Nadia to carry on her design in the form of a t-shirt company, and for that we will always be grateful. Our logo, the Strong Athletic woman who is stamped inside of a circle, was created by Angel Ortega, owner of Garzig design. Angel is an artist and much of her art also makes a powerful statement. Angel says, "The work and art of Garzig Design is heavily influenced by metal music, her Mexican heritage, and love to redesign pop culture with a low brow chic." When Angel is not creating art she can be found playing with her chihuahuas in South Austin, Texas.

The Bella Canvas Flowy Muscle Tank is the most popular style of tank top that we have carried. This tank is not designed to be clingy, but rather flowy. The tank billows a bit as you go down the fabric toward the lower hem. The arm holes of this shirt are larger than a traditional tank top- which is why this tank is called a "muscle tank". The length of the tank is average, with the hem coming down to upper thigh. These t-shirts are preshrunk. This shirt was assembled at a W.R.A.P. facility.