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Strong Athletic Austinite Black Crop Top Racerback with White Ink by Strong Athletic

This shirt is sold out! Check out our Austinite Crop if you'd like one with the state of Texas on it.
This is the Strong Athletic Texan Crop Top Racerback Tank that Strong Athletic created for all of the proud, strong Texans in the world. Tell the world who you are in this Texas-pride shirt!

About the Strong Athletic Austinite Crop Top Racerback By Strong Athletic 

Who doesn't have pride in being from Austin? We sure do!

We made this tank for all of the Strong Athletic Austinites in the world who know the value in being strong and from Austin and who also love crop tops! This black crop top is one of our most popular designs. The crop is called a "starter" crop in that it covers most of the stomach. For the smaller sizes the shirt is more cropped and then XL and 2XL it is less cropped. The armholes guarantee that you'll be able to show off a bit of your favorite bra. The state of Texas is printed on the black fabric in white ink with the words Strong Athletic Austinite etched out of the ink. The Strong Athletic logo is printed on both the front and the back of the shirt. 

The design of this shirt is based on the original Strong Athletic Woman T-shirt designed by Cristen Perks in 2013 for Strong Athletic owner Nadia Kean. The Strong Athletic logo was designed by Angel Ortega, owner of Garzig Design. This shirt was printed at a small scale, local shop. 


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