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Strong Athletic LGBTQIA2S+ Sticker 4-Pack featuring the Queer, Trans, Pride and We Believe Stickers

This is the Strong Athletic LGBTQIA Sticker Pack. It includes our Strong Athletic Queer Sticker, our Trans Pride Sticker, our Pride Sticker and our "We Believe" Sticker. When you purchase this sticker pack, you get all 4 stickers. If you order multiple sticker packs, you get multiple set of 4. #strongathletic , #strongathleticqueer , #strongathletictrans , #webelieve , #gayathletes , #queerathlete , #gayathlete , #queerathletes , #pride , #lgbtqia2s+ #lgbtqia , #lgbtq

About our LGBTQIA2S+ Sticker 4-Pack by Strong Athletic 

This sticker pack includes 4 stickers: our Strong Athletic Queer Sticker, our Rainbow Pride Sticker, our Trans Pride Sticker and our "We Believe" Sticker. Tell the world more about yourself and what you believe in, one sticker at a time. If you buy multiple packs, you'll get multiple sets of 4 stickers. For example, if you buy 3 Sticker sets, you'll get 12 stickers total. 

Strong Athletic is a proud member of the LGBTQIA2S+ Community. We support ALL athletes in ALL sports, with no Exceptions. 

Stickers are great! I put them on my truck, on my water bottle, my computer, my fridge, on my friend's stuff. I give stickers away as gifts to all my friends! Stickers are an easy medium to tell the world more about yourself, in passing, without using words. 

The two shinny stickers are weatherproof, however the ink will smear off if you put them on a water bottle and then use that same water bottle to make margaritas. (We might have learned this from a personal experience). The kraft sticker is not ready for the elements, so keep it inside and away from water. 

These stickers are printed by Sticker Robot and printed in the USA. 

If you get a sticker pack and you put your stickers on something, then take a photo and post it to social media will you tag us? Our favorite hashtags are: #strongathletic , #strongathleticqueer , #strongathletictrans , #webelieve , #gayathletes , #queerathlete , #gayathlete , #queerathletes , #pride , #lgbtqia2s+ #lgbtqia , #lgbtq 

This item will ship within 48 hours of your purchase. If there is a delay for some reason we will contact you ASAP. Did you know that we have a 100% satisfaction policy? If there is any other obvious defect in the quality of your sticker, you can exchange it or receive a full refund. Email us at for any or all issues.