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Strong Athletic & Fat Sticker

Take the Strong Athletic & Fat design with you everywhere you go with our black and white shiny stickers
These stickers usually ships within 48 hours. If we're unable to do that, we'll message you. Thanks for your order!

About the Strong Athletic & Fat Sticker

We created the Strong Athletic & Fat shirt after a request came in from Major Chaos, aka Wendy Marois, from Maine Roller Derby. While in the process of designing this shirt and also deciding if it would say "Strong Athletic Fat" or "Strong Athletic & Fat" we met Caitlin Schultheis and Eleni Burd of Chub Club, a Fat-Positive Clothing Brand and Collective. We already knew that we were going to make this design, but thought it would be more impactful to do so with another company that had set out to specifically highlight all of the amazing fat athletes that there are in the world. As Caitlin and Eleni said to me when we met, "fat is our favorite f-word." 

To read our blog post about this design, click here 

This sticker is the colors black and white. It is 3" x 3" in diameter. The sticker was printed in the USA by a small scale sticker company.