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Strong Athletic Queer Simple 5-Panel Cap

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Strong Athletic Queer Simple 5-Panel Cap

About the Hat

This 5-panel hat was embroidered with the words "Strong Athletic Queer"  in Austin, Texas by a family owned shop. The lettering is raised and is in white thread. The Strong Athletic logo is on the back of the hat near the adjustable band. The cap is adjustable, with a black faux leather strap. 

Nadia Kean, founder of Strong Athletic, started her company as a way to turn every human wearing her brand into a walking billboard. The original design was "Strong Athletic Woman" and it was a simple statement: "Stop calling me a girl, I'm an adult. I'm a woman." Although Nadia found great empowerment in that statement, she had many friends who did not identify as female or any gender at all. Nadia believes that pronouns are important and if a person asks you to use a certain pronoun when identifying them you need to. Thus, Strong Athletic Queer was born! Nadia likes that the word is not gender specific. Nadia is also part of the LGBTQI community, and is one of the many people who has benefited from the efforts of LGBTQI folks and allies so that she may live openly. 

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