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Sold Out! Strong Athletic Skater Simple 5-Panel Hat

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This is founder of Strong Athletic, Nadia Kean, modeling the Strong Athletic Skater Simple 5-Panel Cap. We love these five panels because they are versatile and flexible. You can throw them into your skate bag when you have your helmet on, and then pull them out of your bag and they will retain their shape. Strong Athletic is a company that started in roller derby, and this hat is a tribute to the skate culture that we're part of. These embroidered hats have an adjustable brown strap that is made from vegan leather.

About the Strong Athletic Skater 5-Panel Hat

This hat is sold out! To see other hats that we have in stock, click here

Nadia Kean, aka Smarty Pants, the owner of Strong Athletic, skated roller derby for 15 years before retiring from the sport. Nadia loved roller derby and she loved how empowered she felt while playing it. There were a few things that she did not love, one of them being the instances in which her teammates, who were adults, were called "girls". Nadia thinks that it is infantilizing when an adult female is called a "girl" and it diminishes their power. Nadia started calling her teammates a "fine group of strong, athletic, women" around 2012 and it became a team joke, Nadia was always going to say it. Luckily for Nadia, her teammate Cristen Perks was playing around with screen printing at the time, and for Christamas 2013 she surprised Nadia with a Strong Athletic shirt as a gift. That small gift changed Nadia's life, and there was nothing small about it! 

It soon became clear that many people loved the Strong Athletic Woman shirts, but not all people identify as "woman" or "female" and so Nadia started to add designs that were non-binary. This is where the Strong Athletic Skater shirt and hat originated from. So, if you've ever wondered who makes the "strong athletic woman" stuff, or "strong athletic skater" stuff, now you know!

Many people use the hashtags #strongathletic and #strongathleticskater when they wear our stuff. They also tag us using @strongathletic which helps us keep up with all the cool things people are doing in our stuff. If your new to skating or you've been doing it forever, we think that's rad! Let's keep people on skates!

This 5-panel hat is embroidered with the words "Strong Athletic Skater"  in Austin, Texas by Vistago Embroidery, a family owned shop. The lettering is raised and is in white thread. The Strong Athletic logo is on the back of the hat near the adjustable band. The cap is adjustable, with a black vegan leather strap.