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Strong Athletic Queer Snapback Hat with Orange Letters

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This is the Strong Athletic Queer Hat in Heather Grey with Orange Letters. People in the LGBTQIA Community have traditionally been told to blend in. Some people are happy for us to be our true selves and others want us to hide it for their own comfort. At Strong Athletic we know that being "out" is human right, but it is also a privilege, depending on the country that you are in and the circumstances of your life. That all being said, we've created this hat for the people who want to speak up and also for the people who can't. For those who can, wear these words proudly. For those who can't, we'll wear them for you and stand up for you until circumstances in your life change and you can proudly show people who you are no matter where you are.

Hey! We're so sorry, but this item is out of stock. We'll get it back in stock soon. If you'd like to place a pre-order now, email us sales at with style and size and we'll let you know when it's back in stock.

About the Hat

This heather grey snapback hat is embroidered with the words "Strong Athletic Queer".  The lettering is raised to look 3-D and is in orange thread. The Strong Athletic logo is on the back of the hat. The hat is adjustable. This hat's colors are based on the orange and grey colors that are dear to skaters of the VR community in roller derby. 

This hat was designed by Strong Athletic in Austin, Texas and embroidered by Vistago, a family owned shop in Lago Vista, Texas. 

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