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Tell Someone They Are Amazing with this Strong Athletic Postcard

You get ten postcards with this postcard bundle. Postcards are printed on thick white postcard paper. The words Strong Athletic ______________ are printed on the front along with the Strong Athletic logo. The back is left blank so that you can write a special note to a friend, or one to yourself.
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You Should Tell More People How Amazing They Are

When is the last time you told a person how much they had impacted your life, simply by being themselves? If you can't remember, perhaps it's time? We created the Strong Athletic ___________ postcards for this very reason. The front of the postcard says "Strong Athletic ________" with the third line having a blank line on it. The line is meant for you to write in the third word. For people who have impacted our life, words that come to mind for that third line are: leader, awesome, remarkable, exceptional, coach, teammate, player, skater, rower.... and the list goes on. 


Use the blank side to write them a note telling them why they are important to you. Leave some space for their address if you're going to mail these out, or give it to them in person along with a massive hug! Everyone can appreciate a bit of admiration every now and then. 


Postcards are 6" x 4" printed on thick white paper. This pack comes with a 10 pack of our signature We Believe stickers. Just put a stamp on these and send them out as a postcard, or put one in an envelope with a We Believe sticker. Either way, the person who gets it is sure to feel pretty special.