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Tees for Dorks: the Strong Athletic Dork Crew Neck T-Shirts are Sold Out!

These t-shirts are sold out. We have Strong Athletic Dork Muscle Tanks and Baseball Shirts in Stock Now.
This is the front of the Strong Athletic Dork T-shirt- the tri-black material is super soft. The bold white letters stand out off of the shirt. The sleeves come down above the elbow- mid arm. This shirt is not clingy, nor is it flowy. What does it mean to be a dork? We think dorks are silly and they aren’t afraid to show their true selves.

The Idea Behind the Strong Athletic Dork Shirts

It's not often that you see shirts that are made specifically for dorks. But it's also not so often that entire companies are dedicated to supporting athletes who are on the fringe of sports. What do we mean by being on the fringe of sports? We mean any athlete that doesn't fit the serotype of what an athlete should look like or how they should behave. There were a lot of people that grew up not feeling included in sports, or feeling as if they just didn't fit in. It was easier for these people to shy away fro sports rather than try to fit the mold. Luckily these people find sports again as adults, when they've detached theirselves from the toxic environments that high school and college sports teams often created. We created this shirt for those people. The Strong Athletic Dork Crew Neck T-shirt is a recreation of the Strong Athletic Woman shirt, first created by Cristen Perks in 2013 for Strong Athletic founder Nadia Kean.

When you think of an athlete do you also think of a dork? Many people dismiss dorks as non-athletic, but that's where people are wrong. The word dork means something different to everyone. Some people would categorize dorks, nerds and geeks as the same thing, but Strong Athletic would like to argue the case that they are in fact very different. Dorks are often times misunderstood. Many dorks are also strong and athletic, yet society doesn't tend to put the three words together in a sentence. Strong Athletic loves to go against what society thinks it should do and so we created the Strong Athletic Dork shirt. This is for everyone who was envious of the Strong Athletic Nerd shirt, but didn't quite feel that they could wear that because they were a dork, not a nerd. Very different. 

About the Bella Canvas Crew Neck T-shirt  

The Bella Canvas Crew Neck T-shirt, style number 3001CVC is basically your average tee. This shirt is designed to hang "straight down" meaning it doesn't billow and it is not "flowy". The length of the sleeves is very average- it is not capped sleeved and they do end above the elbow, about mid-upper arm. The length of this t-shirt is also average, with the hem coming down to the mid-upper thigh. The neck line is a traditional "crew neck" which means that it has a circular neck line and no collar. Crew necks are very common on most t-shirts. These t-shirts are preshrunk. This shirt was assembled at a WRAP facility.

Every Strong Athletic Shirt comes wrapped in our signature "You are so Strong" wraps which are held together with a kraft Strong Athletic sticker. Each shirt is then packaged in a biodegradable kraft mailer that we get from a US based company called EcoEnclose. We include a postcard that shares the origin story of Strong Athletic and that is addressed by hand to the person receiving the shirt. Also included in every package is a Strong Athletic logo sticker and one of our "We Believe" stickers. Every time you open a package from Strong Athletic we want it to feel special, especially if you're sending the Strong Athletic shirt as a gift. 

About the Production of this Strong Athletic Shirt  

Every single Strong Athletic shirt is printed by a small-scale, local screen printer. The majority of our shirts are printed by Amanda in Austin, Texas who prints out of the Austin Screen Printer's Coop, a screen printing shop that is member owned and run in East Austin. When our shirts are not printed by Amanda they are printed by other small-scale screen printers such as Second Avenues Ink in Portland, Oregon or Leigh Valley Apparel Creations in Pennsylvania. As mentioned above, the art for this design was created by Cristen Perks in 2013 for Strong Athletic founder Nadia Kean. The Strong Athletic logo was created by Angel Ortega in 2015, until that point our shirts had the Get Smarty Coaching logo on them.  The words "Strong Athletic Dork" and the Strong Athletic logo are printed on the front of this shirt, the Strong Athletic logo is printed on the back of the shirt.