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Strong Athletic NSO Shirts

We're rereleasing this design for the holidays and we're currently taking We're re-releasing this design for the holidays in small-batch quantities. If we've already sold out of the size you wanted, we recommend grabbing the next size up or down so y
Roller Derby NSOs are an essential part of any flat track derby game. Depending on how the game is organized, you need 10-11 Non-Skating Officials to officiate the game. The original design that Strong Athletic created for officials was all encompassing- it said Strong Athletic Official on it. But, in 2017 an NSO from Washington asked Strong Athletic to make a shirt specifically for NSOs, and so we happily added it to our family of designs. This design comes in two styles: a crew neck t-shirt and a muscle tank top. The photo on the left is of Austin, TX derby skater Melissa V taken by Michele Hale. The photo on the right is of Los Angeles, CA derby NSO Shawn S. The photo was taken by Kat Nockels.

About the Strong Athletic NSO Shirts by Strong Athletic 

We created this shirt for all of the strong, athletic, amazing NSOs in the sport of roller derby. Officiating a game is not an easy job, and NSOs know that. They are an essential part of the sport, our community and we adore them. Are you a Non-skating Official? Tell the world that you're part of the Strong Athletic Community with this t-shirt. 

Looking for the perfect gift to tell your derby league's NSOs that your league appreciates them and couldn't function without them. We think this is a great gift idea (we might be slightly biased :)).

But seriously, depending on the set up of your sanctioned WFTDA game, you need either 10 or 11 NSOs to run the game. That's more NSOs to make a jam happen than skaters on the track! One of our favorite NSOs Shawn Sanders provided us with insight into all the different roles that fall under the NSO category:

Jam timer, Penalty tracker, Penalty box manager, Penalty box timers (2), Scoreboard operator, Scorekeepers (2) and Lineup trackers (2)

If a crew is running penalty/lineup trackers, you would have two of those - one for each team - instead of one person tracking both teams.

NSOs communicate with one another and they also communicate with the On-skates Refs. Their dedication to the sport is inspiring. We've seen some great roller derby shirts in the world. We've also seen some great shirts and merch that is for derby refs, but we wanted something super specific for the NSOs that are part of the big picture, so we made this design for them. If you're an NSO, thank you! 

This design is printed on two different types of shirts: a traditional crew neck t-shirt and a muscle tank. Both shirts are black and they have the words "Strong Athletic NSO" printed in white ink on the front. The Strong Athletic logo is proudly printed on both the front and the back of the shirt. If you've seen these shirts at derby tournaments, and wondered who makes them, or where to find them, wonder no more, you found us....

The design of this shirt is based on the original "Strong Athletic Woman" design created by Cristen Perks. The Strong Athletic logo was created by Angel Ortega of Garzig Design. This shirt is screen printed by hand in Austin, Texas by Amanda at the Artists Screen Printing Coop.






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