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Strong Athletic Grown-Ass Woman Black Sticker with White Ink

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You are a Strong Athletic Grown-Ass Woman. Tell people. Be proud. Explain what it means to you. Ask people why they agree with this statement.  Ask people why they disagree with this statement. This shiny black sticker with white ink says it all. It says it boldly, while leaving room for conversation.   #strongathletic , #strongathleticgrownasswoman , #grownasswoman , #womeninsport , #strongwoman , #strongwomen

About the Strong Athletic Grown-Ass Woman Sticker 

This is the sticker that echos one of our most popular designs: The Strong Athletic Grown-Ass Woman shirt. This design was created by Nadia Kean, owner of Strong Athletic. She jokes that it is the original Strong Athletic Woman design all grown up. One woman will never need to explain to another woman why she uses the phrase "I'm a grown-ass woman" because, unfortunately for women, we're still infantilized, oppressed, scrutinized and held to standards that men are not. 

And thus, the design. It's simple. It's straight forward, like many of the Strong Athletic designs. It compliments us as we take up space and do the work that is necessary to keep fighting the good fight. 

This sticker is 3 inches wide by 4 inches high, printed on shiny paper. This sticker was made in the US by Sticker Robot. 

These stickers are weather proof and hold up if you keep chemicals off of them. 

If you're on social media, and take photos with your new Strong Athletic Grown-ass Woman sticker please tag us so we can see what you're up to! These are the tags we use for Strong Athletic #strongathletic , #strongathleticgrownasswoman These are some other tags we like a lot: #grownasswoman , #womeninsport , #strongwoman , #strongwomen 


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