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Strong Athletic & Fat

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This is Wendy, the Maine Roller Derby skater who contacted Strong Athletic in 2018 and asked us if we'd consider making her this tank. We get a lot of requests for tanks, but this one really hit home for us as one that was so important because of the message behind it. Strong Athletic knows that an athlete's body size has nothing to do with their athleticism or strength. We know that there are too many humans in the world having to educate the population about the damaging impact of body shaming and we stand with humans like Wendy in their quest to do that work. Read more about why Wendy requested this tank in her blog post in our blog section.

Expected release date is Aug 30th 2019

We created the Strong Athletic & Fat shirt after a request came in from Major Chaos, aka Wendy Marois, from Maine Roller Derby. While in the process of designing this shirt and also deciding if it would say "Strong Athletic Fat" or "Strong Athletic & Fat" we met Caitlin Schultheis and Eleni Burd of Chub Club, a Fat-Positive Clothing Brand and Collective. We already knew that we were going to make this design, but thought it would be more impactful to do so with another company that had set out to specifically highlight all of the amazing fat athletes that there are in the world. As Caitlin and Eleni said to me when we met, "fat is our favorite f-word." 

Strong Athletic has never considered the words Strong or Athletic to have to do with body size. To read our blog post about this shirt, click here 

This design is printed on a District Muscle Tank, product number 6301. The sizing might differ from other Strong Athletic products that you own because it might be a different brand than your other Strong Athletic tank. The sizing is geared to the "average" body size of a cis woman and is sized smaller than shirts that are sized to the average body size of a cis man. This means that if you wear shirts that are sized to be "all gender" or "uni-sex" then these will run smaller than those shirts. For example, a "men's size XL" will not fit the same as this tank does in an XL, and this tank will actually run SMALLER.

These tanks are a different fit than the Bella Canvas Flowy Muscle tanks, as the sides are more "straight down" then "flowy". The arm holes are cut to be a bit lower than the average tank, so you'll be able to show off your favorite sports bra, if you wear them. If you don't like to show that much skin, some folks wear another tank under this one.

The 4XL in this design is the same size as the Bella Canvas "all gender" 3483 Muscle Tank size 2XL that some of our products are printed on. 

If you get a size that doesn't end up fitting you, Email us and we'll let you know how to return it for the right size. We want you to fell comfortable in your Strong Athletic. 

Specs bout the tank from District click here






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