Expected release date is Nov 20th 2018

Strong Athletic Chronically Ill 

In the fall of 2018 Strong Athletic was contacted by a skater in the derby community with the simple request to make her a shirt that said "Strong Athletic Chronically Ill". The skater had been recently diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder and was about to play in her first tournament knowingly sick. Strong Athletic founder Nadia Kean also lives with Hashitomoto's Disease and can remember when she was diagnosed in 2014 right before the WFTDA tournament season. Kean believes she'd probably been living with the disease, undiagnosed for at least 10 years, if not longer. Growing up, it had always been a joke that Kean could sleep anywhere, any time and a nap wasn't a nap unless you'd been asleep during the day for at least 2 hours, regardless of how much sleep you'd gotten the night before. Such is the nature of invisible diseases and chronic illness. Kean is still reminded about the impact of her illness especially when she has her medicine adjusted and she's suddenly super productive, confident and ready for the world. These sicknesses and illnesses are real and they impact humans all over the world, every day and especially in athletics. Strong Athletic would like to give massive props to everyone living with any type of illness or limitation. You tell your own story, no one else gets to write it for you. 

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