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Strong Athletic Bionic Black Shirts with Gold Letters by Strong Athletic

This is a limited one-time only design. We're nearly out of stock. If we have it in your size, you should grab it!
Strong Athletic got the request for this shirt from Michelle P., a member of the group: "Roller Derby Injuries- Blood, Sweat, and Tears". There are many amazing roller derby athletes who have been injured while playing derby and as a result have had to take time off the sport for surgery and rehab. Strong Athletic's very own Blaque Jac is one of these athletes, as well as Cybil Warr, the athlete in the tank top featured in this photo. This shirt was made for all of those skaters, some of whom returned to the track after injury, and others who decided to stay in the sport in a different capacity.  If you've been looking for a roller derby shirt that is about getting injured while playing roller derby, this one is for you.

Every Been Injured While Playing Roller Derby? 

Roller derby is an aggressive, high-impact sport. When we say aggressive, we mean that it's full contact and you use your body to either pass skaters or prohibit skaters from passing you. It's not an anything goes sport- the rules are very specific with the intention of keeping athletes safe. As with any full-contact sport, some players will get injured. Sometimes it happens on day one, sometimes it happens years and years after you've perfected your skills in the sport. 

Strong Athletic got the request for this shirt from Michelle P., a member of the group: "Roller Derby Injuries- Blood, Sweat, and Tears". The group is for skaters who have experienced an injury in roller derby, and who recovered from that injury or who are actively recovering. Some of these skaters return to skating, some choose not to, while others are unable to due to the seriousness of their injury. Roller derby has a life-long impact on the people who play the sport, and the injuries that come with the sport also can have a lasting impact for the athletes who play. This design is for all of the derby skaters who became bionic while playing roller derby. Some of you still have hardware in your body, and others of you have had it removed. Regardless you're part of a growing group of people who can empathize with one another. 


About the Strong Athletic Bionic Tanks and Shirts with Thick, Shiny Gold Letters


This epic color combo of shiny gold ink on a black shirt was inspired by Delilah Decider, a member of the group and Non-skating Official for Angel City. This shirt would not have been made if it were not for Blaque Jac of The Roller Derby Injuries group. 

This shirt is screen printed by hand in Austin, Texas by Amanda at the Screen Printing Coop. 

The words "Strong Athletic Bionic" and the Strong Athletic logo are printed in Gold ink on the front, the logo is also printed on the back.  The art on this shirt is based on the original Strong Athletic Woman design created by Cristen Perks. The Strong Athletic logo was created by Angel Ortega. 

Laundry care for this shirt

The gold gold ink on this shirt is very bright and we use it simply because it really pops off of the black fabric. Because of the nature of the ink, it will wash out over time if it is not cared for properly. To keep the gold ink lasting as long as possible wash this shirt in cold water. Consider using a nonabrasive laundry detergent. Wash either on delicate cycle in the washing machine or wash by hand. Dry on low heat or hang dry. 

About the Shirts The gold ink that makes this tank so shiny and nice to look at eventually wears away over time. The reason for this is that there are gold flakes in the ink, and the more you wear and wash this tank (and other tanks that have metallic ink on them) the more they will wear off. We love how the shirt looks more "vintage" with time. If the ink wears off on your tank, we just want you to know that it's meant to over the months and years that you wear it. This item will ship within 48 hours of your purchase. If there is a delay for some reason we will contact you ASAP. Did you know that we have a 100% satisfaction policy? If you don't like the fit or look of the product once you receive it or your product is damaged, you can exchange it for another product or return it, as long as it is in the exact condition it was in when you received it. (So don't let your cat wear it after you try it on if you're going to return it). If after the first wash all of the ink washes out or the hem unravels, or there is any other obvious defect in the quality of your item, you can exchange your item or receive a full refund. Email us at for any or all issues.