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Sold Out! Strong Athletic Veteran T-Shirt

These shirts are sold out! To see the Strong Athletic Veteran shirts that we currently have in stock, search "veteran".
This is the back of the Strong Athletic Veteran T-shirt, which was made in collaboration with Strong Athletic and Roller Derby Battle Buddies. The Strong Athletic logo and the Battle Buddies logo are printed on the back of the shirt. This shirt is navy blue with silver ink.

Strong Athletic Veteran Origin Story 

These shirts are sold out, to see the current Strong Athletic Veteran Shirts that we have in stock, click here

Debella Deball, a veteran of the US Military and a skater for the Texas Rollergirls approached Smarty Pants about creating the Strong Athletic Veteran shirt for roller derby skaters who are part of the Battle Buddies group. It was decided that 22% of profits from the shirt should be donated to Mission 22, an organization that seeks to help veterans get the resources that they need to live a healthy life. 

Battle Buddies is a Roller Derby organization that was created to provide support, information, and a continued sense of military community to our Roller Derby veterans and those currently serving in the military. 

There are many USA Veterans, Active Duty and Reserves who play roller derby. Strong Athletic was honored to make this shirt and is very proud to partner with Battle Buddies to help raise funds for Mission 22.