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Sold Out! Strong Athletic Skater Drop Arm Super Muscle Tank Bright Orange with Silver Ink

This shirt is Sold Out! Search "Skater" to see tanks that we have in stock. Or contact us if you've just gotta have this color combo.
This is the Strong Athletic Skater Super Muscle Tank in bright orange with white ink that Strong Athletic made for all of the skaters in the world, regardless of which type of skating they do. We love muscle tanks at Strong Athletic, and we especially love drop arm muscle tanks that give your arms and shoulders plenty of room to move around. You’re guaranteed that these dropped arm muscle tanks will provide your body with fabric that is flexible and gives you space for mobility.  This shirt is made by Strong Athletic the queer owned, woman run t-shirt company that believes in the power of athletes speaking up for what they believe in. Strong Athletic was founded by a roller derby skater. People love this muscle shirt because it gives them a voice about how they identify and what is important to them. Strong Athletic created the Strong Athletic Skater shirt because we know how empowering it is for athletes to share who they are and what they can accomplish with others.

Shirts for Roller Derby: the Strong Athletic Skater Super Muscle Tank in Bright Orange 

This tank is sold out, but if you'd like to see what tanks we've got in stock, click here

This tank is based on the original Strong Athletic Woman design created by Cristen Perks. This shirt is screen printed by hand in Austin, Texas by Amanda at the Artists Screen Printing Coop.

The words "Strong Athletic Skater" and the Strong Athletic logo are printed in white on the front, the logo is also printed on the back.  This is a neon orange SOLS Unisex Jamaica Sleeveless Tank, 100% polyester. 

This tank is designed to be gender neutral. It fits very loose and baggy and you can see a lot of skin. Suns out guns out!