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Sold Out! Strong Athletic Logo Fanny Packs with Yellow Fabric and Teal Ink or Black Fabric and Silver Ink by Strong Athletic

These are the hand made waterproof fanny packs with a zipper and an adjustable nylon strap made by Flat Track Revolution for Strong Athletic. This bag measures approximately 9" x 5.5" x 0.5". It's small enough to carry in your hand as a clutch or to put inside a larger purse, but large enough to carry a wallet, a cell phone, a set of keys, a face mask, a Kindle book reader.
The Black Fanny Packs have sold out.

About the Strong Athletic Logo Fanny Packs 

Looking for your next fanny pack? We were and that's why we created and sell these fanny packs. This fanny pack can be worn around your waste, or you can wear it as a cross body bag as well. This bag is slim enough that you can tuck it under your cloths while you're traveling so that you can keep your wallet and cell phone hidden from curious eyes. This fabric is waterproof, so if you're out on a rainy day, if the zipper is closed (and you don't submerge your bag into a puddle and hold it there), everything will stay nice and dry. This bag can be worn as a belt bag- the strap on the back is wide enough to accommodate most belts. You can also use this bag as a clutch without the belt. It's a really awesome versatile little bag and can fit all sorts of things. To date, we've fit a wallet, a cell phone, a kindle e-book reader, a set of keys, a face mask (it's November 2020), and a pack of gum in our fanny pack. Plus, sometimes we throw it into our purse, but it's great cause we just grab it and it has all of our essentials in it. 

This fanny pack features the Strong Athletic logo on the front. The design is intended to look like the logo is falling off of the front of the bag. Our logo is stamped on the lower right hand corner as well. Our logo was designed by Angel Ortega, the mastermind behind Garzig Designs in Austin, Texas. 

These bags were hand crafted by Flat Track Revolution. They screen printed the artwork, cut the fabric and sewed each bag together band hand with lots of love and skill. Flat Track Revolution's logo is printed on the back of the bag. There is a large belt loop across the back so you can either use the bag with our belt or use your own belt. The bags are made out of a heavy weight coated canvas fabric that is water resistant. No two bags are exactly alike. This fanny pack measures approximately 9" x 5.5" x 0.5".

This fanny pack comes with a removable Black Nylon Belt or Strap - there are two option for the size: 50" and 60".

50 inch fits people who wear a size X-Small- X-Large in pants.
60 inch fits people who wear a size 2X-Large- 8X-Large in pants.



This fanny pack is made with the finest water resistant fabric. The design is screen printed by hand. To clean your bag, take the strap off of the bag, make sure it's zipped and throw it into the washing machine on delicate cycle. To wash the nylon strap, make sure it is clasped shut and it can also go in the wash on delicate cycle. If your bag's stitching starts to come unraveled, or the zipper breaks within the first 12 months after purchase, we will send you another one. Just get in touch at