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Shirts to Celebrate Trans Athletes the Strong Athletic Trans Crew Neck T-Shirt

This is the front of the Strong Athletic Trans Crew Neck T-Shirt that Strong Athletic made for all of the amazing Trans Athletes who inspire us in sports, at the gym and in life. This design is printed on Bella Canvas style 3001CVC in a deep heather grey with white, pink and blue ink. All of the profits from this design are donated to Pull for Pride's Share the Platform Grant.
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The Origin Story for our Strong Athletic Trans Shirts

This shirt design was requested by members of the Strong Athletic Community, Alex Hauptman and Ejay Carter.  This shirt is for all of the Trans athletes in the world who contribute to sports and athletics. Trans athletes are asked to justify their place in sports and in the world in general. Trans athletes belong here and they belong in sports. Period. If you are a Trans athlete, we see you and we believe that you have the human right to exist. We also believe that you have the right to compete in which ever sport you choose without explaining why you should be there to anyone.  

We'd like to especially thank Alex and Ejay for asking us to make this shirt and for helping us with the design. 

From Ejay, "I originally approached Strong Athletic because I use my “strong athletic queer” hat(s) in spaces to signal to community and assert my right to visibility and space. While “queer” is a label I proudly take- I also really feel that for me, it’s important to be a visible real live trans adult! And with all of the misinformation about trans athletes out there, we need positive messages more than ever. It’s an honor to be a small part of this process!"

Alex said, "being trans is a huge piece of my identity and has shaped so much of my life. I'm proud of who I am and that definitely means being proud of being trans and loving my trans/non binary/gnc community"

The colors in the word "Trans" are based on the art created by Monica Helms in the Trans Flag. The design of this shirt is based on the original Strong Athletic Woman design by Cristen Perks. The Strong Athletic logo was designed by Angel Ortega of Garzig Designs. 

One of the reasons we're so excited for the release of this shirt is because 100% of the profits from every shirt is donated to Pull for Pride for their Share the Platform Grant. In fact, the profits for this shirt were donated in advance as soon as we released the shirt. To learn more about Pull for Pride or to make a donation directly to their amazing organization, click here

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