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Queer Hat Black with Black Letters

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This is the Black on Black Queer Hat by Strong Athletic. This hat might seem like a bold statement to some, yet to others it's no big deal.  This hat is embroidered on a Yupoong snapback. The 3-D embroidered letters jump right off of the hat. Amazing queer people before us were vocal and made massive steps for change, so that kids like us could wear the words that got them persecuted. Thank you to all of the bold LGBTQIA people and allies who are working every day to make life better for all of us!

About the Black on Black Queer Hat

Strong Athletic is an LGBTQIA Company. We support people in sports who are underrepresented in sports. Gay people are still unlikely to come out during their athletic career because of the lack of expectance of gay people in the world. While it is getting better, it's still not good enough. This snapback hat was created so that you can tell the world that you are Queer. Sometimes it takes a ton of courage to do this. Some people might like to, but depending on their location, they can't. In some countries in the world it is still illegal to be gay, and so being out is still a "privilege" although it is a basic human right. This hat, with the bold black letters embroidered on the black fabric, is not only functional, but it is also a statement. It shows how you can be out, or want to be out, but still need to blend in and assimilate, depending on your circumstance. Recently, Strong Athletic Owner Nadia Kean, was at an event with Strong Athletic. She had Strong Athletic Queer shirts for sale and she watched people's reaction as they walked by them. She loved it when people told her that they were happy to see them, and thanked her for making them. She did have one man ask her if people actually wore them. She said yes and asked the man if he was part of the LGBTQIA Community. He said no. She told him, "yes, people wear them. There are a lot of us in sports, and were proud and we want you to see us." The man sort of shrugged and walked away. Nadia was not sure what the man's actual reaction was, if the shirt made him angry or simply ponder why people in our community need to be so vocal about being out. She did know however, that she herself would no longer stay quiet. 


This hat was embroidered by hand in Austin, Texas at Vistago Embroidery. The letters are done in "3-D" which means that a layer of foam is laid on the hat and the thread is embroidered over it. The hat is made by Yupoong and is adjustable. 

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