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My BoutBook

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My BoutBook was the first of its kind: a notebook that allowed skaters to keep stats, notes and goals in one spot. This book is made for and by derby skaters and because of this it holds exactly what it needs within its pages.

My BoutBook was created to help skaters keep track of everything derby. 

This book was specially designed to allow you to track everything derby from your bout stats and score ratios, to the wheels you wore, the type of floor and SO much more.

What you pack in your gear bag: 

This book may just become a part of your pre-game ritual. It may answer the niggling question of what wheels you wore when you skated that same track last year or what the was score when you played that team last. My BoutBook could become the place where you begin to prepare to bout and set your goals to rule the track.

To inspire you:

Goal setting is an amazing tool that can help you expand your skating skills by leaps and bounds. Utilize the goal setting areas of the bout log pages to set goals that can help you optimize your performance & enhance your motivation.


To record memories:

Your BoutBook will help you record and remember all those amazing moments on the track. No matter how great your memory is, recollection of your life’s events will often fade as the years go by. Your BoutBook will help you preserve your derby memories against the ravages of time and forgetfulness and help you remember that magic that exists on the track.

Take notes:

The lined pages in the back half of My BoutBook allow you to track all those things you really don’t want to forget. Now you have a spot for notes from your inspiring boot camp class, your team’s top secret strategies or maybe a wheel log or derby budget.

About the book:

This 72-page, coil-bound, 6×8.5″ derby log book is printed on forest-friendly FSC paper with a protective cover that aims to be almost derby proof. This book is ready to meet the intensity of your gear bar

Made by Skaters:

My BoutBook is:
published by Oolichan Books
printed by Friesens Books
designed by Entelechy Design
supports the Avalanche City Roller Girls


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