About the Tank

This tank has the word MASSIVE in massive letters stretched out across the chest in silver ink. The words are designed to "fall off" the tank, giving the tank a grungy-artsy look and feel. The ink goes over the seems, which is not very common in screen printing as most printers prefer not to print in this method, but to get the look that we wanted it was mandatory. Every shirt is a slightly bit different from the next one, with some of the letters fading nicely off of the fabric. It's art meets fitness. This extremely popular super muscle tank is only available for order from the UK, so we don't always have it in stock, but when we do you should go for it. 

This tank was printed by Amanda by hand in Austin, Texas at the Austin Screen Printing Coop.  

This is a black SOLS Unisex Jamaica Sleeveless Tank, 100% polyester. 

This tank is designed to be gender neutral. It fits very loose and baggy and you can see a lot of skin. Suns out guns out!


Here's the size chart: 



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