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Can We Talk About the Word Fat, Please?

Can We Talk About the Word Fat, Please?

Posted by Wendy Marois on Aug 16th 2019

Can we talk about the f word for a minute? FAT...I don't know many humans in my life that this one word hasn't had an impact on in one form or another. Be it a friend, family member, co-worker or … read more
Why Words Matter: the #strongathleticchallenge

Why Words Matter: the #strongathleticchallenge

Posted by Nadia Kean on Jan 24th 2019

I ran into an old friend and he told me about his daughters. I asked if any of them did sports or if they were athletes. He said, yes, the middle one is a soccer player, but the other two just do danc … read more

Strong Nasty Woman, why?

Posted by Nadia Kean on Oct 31st 2016

The origin of Strong Nasty WomanOn October 19, 2016 millions of people gasped as the US Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump called US Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, “s … read more

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