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Strong Athletic Human Grey Muscle Tank with White Ink

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This is the front of the Strong Athletic Human Muscle Tank designed by Strong Athletic for all of the amazing humans in the world who want to tell everyone that they are strong and athletic

This tank is printed on Bella Canvas Tank 3483. This tank is soft and stretchy, but goes right back into it's intended shape. This tank is designed to be more "neutral" and some call it "all gender".

About the Tank

This is the Strong Athletic Human Muscle Tank in a neutral cut for all bodies. 

Many of Nadia's friends told her that they loved the idea behind the Strong Athletic Woman shirts, but they felt excluded because they were nonbinary or didn't identify as women and wanted a shirt that would represent them. Nadia has never wanted anyone to feel like her shirts didn't represent them and so she started to create other designs that focused more on a person's strength and less on their gender and this is one of those designs. Although Nadia believes that promoting Strong Women is important, she also believes that promoting the strength of the human experience is equally important. 

This shirt is screen printed by hand at one of the local mom and pop screen printing shops that we work with in the US. 

The words "Strong Athletic Human" and the Strong Athletic logo are printed in white on the front, the logo is also printed on the back.  This art on this tank is based on the original Strong Athletic Woman design created by Cristen Perks. 

The shirt is an "all gender" muscle tank, which basically just means that the shirt is not designed to be clingy or form fitting, but rather looser around the stomach, hips and chest. 


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