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Strong Athletic Grown-Ass Woman Crop Top Racerback White with Black Ink

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Strong Athletic Grown-Ass Woman Crop Tank Top White with Black Ink by Strong Athletic. This Bella Canvas tank is super soft and looks awesome. We love how it looks like we cut it ourselves, but we don't have to worry about what it would actually look like if we cut it ourself. The Athlete in the photo, Andrea Nelson, is an athlete, an artist and a musician. She was also one of the first skaters in derby to take her passion to ramps and bowels in Austin, Texas. #austintexas #strongathleticgrownasswoman #grownass #strongwoman #strongwomen @strongathletic

About the Strong Athletic Grown-Ass Woman White Crop Top with Black Ink

Ever wonder who makes the amazing Strong Athletic Grown-Ass Woman tank tops? Well, you found us! This is the white tank with black ink. The words Strong Athletic Grown-Ass Woman on the front and our Strong Athletic logo on the back. These Bella Canvas tanks are great, they are made to look like the've been cut up (like an old t-shirt that you wanted to fit differently) and they are slightly translucent, so that you can sort of see through it. We like to wear our favorite bra with this shirt. 

In 2013 Nadia Kean, owner of Strong Athletic, started her apparel company with her token shirt "Strong Athletic Woman" because she wanted to be a walking billboard to teach the world that it was inappropriate to call her a "girl". She wanted to help to make the word "woman" an everyday descriptive word used to describe adult females. The shirt was in essence a protest to adult women being infantilized and called "girls", while their counterparts were referred to as "men" or "guys". 

That was Then, This is Now

In 2018, it is becoming more and more clear that the world does not respect women as a gender, as a voting group, as a movement. Women are still told to stand down, wait for their turn, speak when spoken to and that their safety is unimportant. Women are told that their most horrifying experiences never happened or that they happened because it was their fault. Women are paid less, expected to raise their country's next generation, yet we still remain the "second sex".

Women in Sports

In athletics it is no different. Girls are treated differently on the field and in sports than boys. Few girls play sports beyond high school. Even fewer play sports after college. Most elite female athletes will never see the pay in their lifetime that a minimally skilled male athlete will make in a season. The justification is that women's sports are unexciting, less aggressive and they do not deserve the coverage of men's sports. 

Naturally, I'm Over It, I Bet You are Too. 

Many women feel that they need to obtain permission. They feel this way in their jobs and they feel this way in their hobbies. In roller derby, some skaters feel that they need permission to play the sport. For what ever reason, they have been made to feel that they are unequal to their teammates, that they don't belong, that they should hang up their skates. At Strong Athletic we believe that this is a travesty and we just want to say this: You are a grown-ass woman (or human) and you do not need permission. 


About the Tank

This is a crop-top racerback tank top. What that means is that it cuts shorter on the stomach than a traditional length. Depending on the length of your torso, it will either come down below your bellybutton or it will show more of your stomach. The sizing is meant to mirror typical "female" sizing. The design is meant to resemble a tank that you have cut yourself from a t-shirt, with the armholes looking as if they were cutout. This tank runs a bit larger than normal Bella and Canvas tanks. 

The fabric is 52% combed and ring spun cotton and 48# polyester 




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