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Strong Athletic Grown-Ass Woman Crew Neck Baseball Long Sleeve T-Shirt by Strong Athletic

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This is the front of the Strong Athletic Grown-Ass Woman Baseball T-shirt made by Strong Athletic. The sleeves are three-quarter length long, ending before the wrists and after the elbows. We created this shirt for all of the amazing, grown-ass women who want to represent, tell other women that it's okay to truly be yourself and who also need sleeves! #strongathletic , #strongathleticgrownasswoman , #grownasswoman , #womeninsport , #strongwoman , #strongwomen

The Idea Behind the Strong Athletic Grown-Ass Woman Crew Neck Baseball Shirt

The Strong Athletic Grown-Ass Woman Baseball T-shirt is a recreation of the Strong Athletic Woman shirt, first created by Kristen Perks in 2013 for Strong Athletic founder Nadia Kean.

Nadia Kean played roller derby as Smarty Pants for Texas Rollergirls. While she was on the team she started to find it harder and harder to shake off the irritation she felt any time she or her teammates were referred to as "girls". The infantilization of grown women is not a new thing, yet it is still a prominent problem in most of society. One might not consider it to be a big deal to simply refer to an adult woman as a "girl" every now and then, but when you do so, you are making a statement that women do not deserve the respect that they are due. Women are already asked to take a back seat in most of society, and in sport it is no different, almost worse. Women are not expected to play sport after the age of 18, and if they do, it's a novelty. The majority of women athletes in the world will not make their income off of athletics and when they do tell people that they play a sport, especially one that is considered to be a "male dominated" sport, folks act surprised. Nadia's hope is that women will wear the Strong Athletic Woman baseball t-shirt and in doing so they will help to foster conversations about the importance of calling people what they wish to be called. Ever wonder when to use the word "girl" and the word "woman"? If you're referring to someone under the age of 14, the word girl is appropriate, if they identify as female. When speaking to or referring to an adult use pronouns and nouns that are meant for adults. 

In 2018, Nadia felt like certain people in society were either slow to change or still not getting "it" and so she created the "Grown-Ass Woman" line as another form of protest. We say it's the "Strong Athletic Woman" design's older sister. 

If you're on social media, and take photos in your new Strong Athletic Grown-ass Woman shirt, please tag us so we can see what you're up to! These are the tags we use for Strong Athletic #strongathletic , #strongathleticgrownasswoman These are some other tags we like a lot: #grownasswoman , #womeninsport , #strongwoman , #strongwomen 



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