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Star Tee Long Sleeve Crop Top T-Shirt


  • This is the size chart for the StarTee Long Sleeve Crop Top T-shirt, style number ST1170

  • The length of the sleeves is average compared to other Long Sleeve T-shirts, meaning they go down to your wrists. 

  • This is a crop top. Depending on the length of your torso, the length of the shirt will stop around your belly button or midriff. 

  • The crew-neck design makes it so that the collar comes right up to the neck line, making it so your chest is covered and you will not see your collarbone. 
  • This shirt is designed to be straight-cut, meaning that the sides of the shirt are made so that they go straight down, not getting wider at any given point. 

  • The bottom of this shirt is designed to look as if the hem was cut off with scissors. 

  • We highly recommend that you use this size chart to make your choice in the size of the shirt you choose, as this will get you the most accurate size for your body.