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Sold Out! Tanks about being a Strong Athletic Nurse Flowy Muscle Tank Limited Edition

This is a limited edition, small batch design. If we still have your size, we suggest you grab it while it's in stock.
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We made the Strong Athletic Nurse tanks after requests came in from the Strong Athletic community. This black tank top is soft yet durable. Tell the world that you're a nurse in this awesome shirt.

About the Strong Athletic Nurse Flowy Muscle Tank Design

This is our Strong Athletic Nurse shirt.

We'd like to acknowledge the hard work and dedication that all medical professionals bring to their jobs everyday. Now, more than ever, it is obvious how essential you are for the health and well-being of our communities. Although this design specifically reads, “strong, athletic, nurse” we know that the medical system and health care relies on many different professions to make it function. Strong Athletic received requests for this specific design and we were so happy to make it. Find information about how we choose designs at the end of this article. 

As we write this, it is May 2020, which means that the world is experiencing the most destructive global pandemic in 100 years. The outbreak of COVID-19 is uncovering the weaknesses in many of the healthcare systems all over the world. The spread of this respiratory virus has made it clear that nurses and other healthcare professionals are asked to put their personal health and safety on the line when caring for patients. Currently many hospitals do not have proper personal protective equipment (PPE) available for staff, with many facilities having to design their own form of PPE for the healthcare workers that care for COVID patients.

In regard to the athleticism and stamina that it takes to be a nurse, many nurses are on their feet for much of their day. Many nurses, especially those that work in hospitals are shift workers, which means they are likely to work a 12-hour shift. Sometimes they might work that entire 12 hours without an actual break. Many nurses have to work night shifts. This means they are awake and keeping people alive while the rest of their city is asleep. There are numerous studies about the negative impact that working nights can have on a person’s mental and physical health. Even if medical professionals don’t work 12-hour shifts or night shifts, caring for patients is physically, mentally and emotionally demanding. 

Here are a few statistics about registered nurses and licensed practical nurses. Although the numbers vary, most statistics state that there are about 3 million Registered Nurses in the US. According to Gebauer Company in 2016 the Gallup poll ranked nurses as the "most trustworthy" profession. Nurses make up the highest percentage of the healthcare workforce in the United States. Between 90 and 92% of RNs identify as women. According to Minority Nursing, Minority nurses self-identify in the following way: 9.9% of RNs are black or African American (non-Hispanic); 8.3% are Asian; 4.8% are Hispanic or Latino; 1.3% categorize themselves as two or more race; 0.4% are American Indian or Alaskan Native.  

In 2020 Kerry M., a nursing student, ordered a custom Strong Athletic Nurse shirt for her good friend who passed the NCLEX and that was the push we needed to make this design for others. It's obvious that there are many members of the Strong Athletic Family who are proud nurses, or proud to know a nurse, so, because of that, we made a small batch to celebrate Nurses Week 2020. 

If there is a profession that you would like recognized by Strong Athletic, please send us an email with your suggestion. We were happy to oblige all of the requests that came in for nurse's shirts, and we're always happy to make other designs to highlight the professions of people in the Strong Athletic Community. We're excited to add the Strong Athletic Nurse shirt to the list. 

$1 from every shirt sold will go to Feeding America, a non-profit that Strong Athletic supports. Feeding America can provide 10 meals to a family in need from every $1 donated. To find out more about Feeding America, click here. Our goal is to donate $60 from this t-shirt campaign. For that reason, on May 4, we donated $60 in advance, and that money will be the minimum amount donated, regardless of how many shirts are sold.  

About the Shirt 

 The words "Strong Athletic Nurse" are printed in white ink on the front, along with the Strong Athletic logo. The Strong Athletic logo is printed on the back. The artwork for this design is based on the original design created in 2013 by Cristen Perks for Nadia Kean. The Strong Athletic logo was designed by Angel Ortega of Garzig Design. This shirt was printed by Amanda at Austin Screen Printing Coop in Austin, Texas. 





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