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Shirts for Strong Mamas the Strong Athletic Mom Solid Black District Fitted Muscle Tank with White Ink

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This tank is nearly sold out! Grab one while they're still in stock!
Strong Athletic is pro-mom and as part of our mission we want to make it clear that we think mothers and grandmothers and nonbinary parents all belong within sports and athletics. Looking for the perfect shirt to give to a mom that you love or for yourself? This is the front of the Strong Athletic Mom Fitted District Muscle Tank with dropped arm holes. This black muscle tank is the perfect cut and comes in sizes extra small to 4-extra large. Be sure to wear your favorite bra when you wear this tank 'cause a bit of your bra will probably show under the arms and on your back.

About the Strong Athletic Mom District Fitted Muscle Tank we created for Mothers who are Strong

This is the Strong Athletic Mom Muscle Tank printed on the black shirt made by District. We created this tank for all of the strong, athletic, moms in the world who know that it's important to be a great mom, and it's also important to be strong, athletic and take care of yourself. Being a mom is challenging and it's even more challenging to balance the job of being mom and playing sports, being active, going outside, and all the things. We are proud of all the Strong Mamas that we know! If you're a strong mom, we support you. If you'd ever like to write a blog post about the balancing act of being a parent and staying healthy, write us at We'd love to hear your story!

We print this design on the District Fitted Muscle Tank, style number 6301, is a great drop arm muscle tank design. This tank is designed to be fitted, rather than flowy. The arm holes of this shirt are larger than a traditional tank top- which is why this tank is called a "muscle tank." Sometimes the are holes for tanks like this one are called "dropped arm" or "drop arm" because the arm openings drop toward the upper torso. If you're wearing a garment such as a bra under this tank, it will probably be visible. The length of the tank is average, with the hem coming down to upper thigh. The neckline of this tank is scooped, which means that it's similar to a crew neck, but scoops lower toward the collarbone. These t-shirts are preshrunk.


We know that there are many other companies that make awesome shirts for Strong Moms with great slogans and sayings across the front. One thing we notice is that our shirts are usually about $5-$10 more expensive than the other shirts on the market. Ever wonder why there is such a price difference? There's a good chance that some of those companies are simply producing more shirts, faster, and so their overhead costs are lower. We can't speak for them and how they set their prices, but we can speak for ourselves. At Strong Athletic, we only use small-scale screen printers and the garments that we print on are always made in either W.A.R.P. Certified facilities or other facilities that meet CPSIA standards. We also pay all of our contract employees a pay rate that is in line with living wage standards. The majority of our shirts are associated with a non-profit and we donate a portion of profits (sometimes 100% of profits) to causes that hold dear.  We believe that when products are cheap, someone is losing out on income. We don't want those people to be anyone involved in our supply chain or who work for Strong Athletic on a daily basis. 


Every single Strong Athletic product is produced by a small scale screen printer or embroidery shop. Our snapback hats are embroidered by a small-scale, local embroidery shop called Vistago Print in Lago Vista Texas. The majority of our shirts are printed by Amanda in Austin, Texas who prints out of the Austin Screen Printer's Coop, a screen printing shop that is member owned and run in East Austin. When our shirts are not printed by Amanda they are printed by other small-scale screen printers such as Second Avenues Ink in Portland, Oregon or Leigh Valley Apparel Creations in Pennsylvania. The art for this design is based on the original artwork created by Cristen Perks in 2013 for Strong Athletic founder Nadia Kean. The Strong Athletic logo was created by Angel Ortega in 2015, until that point our shirts had the Get Smarty Coaching logo on them. 


Every Strong Athletic Shirt comes wrapped in our signature "You are so Strong" wraps which are held together with a kraft Strong Athletic sticker. Each shirt is then packaged in a biodegradable kraft mailer that we get from a US based company called EcoEnclose. We include a postcard that shares the origin story of Strong Athletic and that is addressed by hand to the person receiving the shirt. Also included in every package is a Strong Athletic logo sticker and one of our "We Believe" stickers. Every time you open a package from Strong Athletic we want it to feel special, especially if you're sending the Strong Athletic shirt as a gift. 


About the T-shirt This item will ship within 48 hours of your purchase. If there is a delay for some reason we will contact you ASAP. Did you know that we have a 100% satisfaction policy? If you don't like the fit or look of the product once you receive it or your product is damaged, you can exchange it for another product or return it, as long as it is in the exact condition it was in when you received it. (So don't let your cat wear it after you try it on if you're going to return it). If after the first wash all of the ink washes out or the hem unravels, or there is any other obvious defect in the quality of your item, you can exchange your item or receive a full refund. Email us at for any or all issues.