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Grown-Ass Woman Shirt by Strong Athletic

This is the Grown-Ass Woman Long Sleeve Shirt by Strong Athletic. This shirt is super soft and perfect for making a statement when it's cold out side.  #strongathletic , #strongathleticgrownasswoman , #grownasswoman , #womeninsport , #strongwoman , #strongwomen

About the Grown-Ass Woman Design by Strong Athletic 

This is the Grown-Ass Woman shirt that Strong Athletic made for all of the grown-ass women in the world who want to make a statement about what it is to be a woman, an adult woman and who demand to be treated with respect. 

This is the timeline for how this shirt was created. 

In 2013 Nadia Kean, owner of Strong Athletic, started to call her teammates a "fine group of strong, athletic women". Later that year, her teammate Cristen Perks screen printed her a shirt that said "Strong Athletic Woman" on it, and gave it to her as a gift for Christmas. In 2014 they started to print them for the masses. In 2015 Nadia officially named the company "Strong Athletic" and started to brand everything as such. In 2018, Nadia felt like the world as a whole was still not giving women in sports the respect that we are due, and so she created the "Strong Athletic Grown-Ass Woman" Design. This by far is one of our most popular, but some women do say, they don't feel like they can wear it. They don't feel like they are strong and athletic. For 2019, we've decided to make the "Grown-Ass Woman" design. We feel like wearing these 3 words across our chests is so important, that we're will in compromise. Sometimes it's not always about being Strong and Athletic. Sometimes it's more about making a statement about how you want to be treated and referred to. Welcome to our Grown-Ass Woman Shirt. 

This shirt was designed by Nadia Kean. It was screen printed by hand by Amanda at the Austin Screen Printer's Coop. The Strong Athletic logo was designed by Angel Ortega, owner of Garzig Designs. 

If you're on social media, and take photos in your new Strong Athletic Grown-ass Woman tank, please tag us so we can see what you're up to! These are the tags we use for Strong Athletic #strongathletic , #strongathleticgrownasswoman These are some other tags we like a lot: #grownasswoman , #womeninsport , #strongwoman , #strongwomen 


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