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Strong Athletic Mom

Strong Athletic Mom

Posted by Katherine G. Thole, Nadia Kean on May 12th 2017

Mom. Does the name define a person? Is it the title, “Mom” or perhaps the inherent responsibility, the lifelong trajectory of a caregiver, or the all-consuming nature of the role, which defines the person? At its foundation, “Mom” is a moniker of strength. A mother is born of the energy she puts out into the world; not the energy she takes. After all, with the act of giving birth, a Mom is performing the strongest, most athletic feat of her life. So, hell yeah, you are a Strong Athletic Mom. And if you haven’t given birth to a child, your strength as a woman is required in a million other ways. It is NO less powerful or important.

In other words, motherhood would be the ultramarathon of extreme sports, punctuated with intense and brutal sprinting, glazed in a feeling of occasional endorphin-induced euphoria.

-Katherine G. Thole, writer for Strong Athletic

Mom. This word means the world to me. When I learn that a person is a mom, I immediately respect her more. I wouldn’t be where I am today if it weren’t for the sacrifices and coaching by my own super strong mom Nona. My mom raised my sister and me by herself. She did everything that she could to ensure that we grew up with the same resources as kids with two parents. She poured all of her love, smarts and strength into us and never thought twice about making sacrifices. She bought me roller skates and took me roller skating on Friday nights. She paid for and drove me to ice skating, volleyball, basketball and rowing practice. She thought it was so important that my sister and I grow up active, healthy and with the knowledge that we could do anything we wanted if we were dedicated and committed to our dreams. 

I grew up under the wing of my older sister Lisa who had a massive influence on the hobbies I decided to do. It was my sister Lisa who got me into rowing and also encouraged me to try roller derby. Lisa is now a super strong mama of two. Lisa makes sure that the family stays active. They have a gym day when she and her husband and the kids go and workout and play. They are always outside running around and Lisa is always looking for the next healthy snack to learn how to make the family. 

Many of my best friends are now moms too. They are working women who are also active and strong, setting a great example for their kids. 

-Nadia Kean, founder Strong Athletic 

Get Smarty Coaching together with Strong Athletic intends to celebrate and honor all the amazing moms out there, be they a #StrongAthleticMom, #StrongBadassAwesomeAthleticMom, or #StrongAthleticGrandma. 

Do you have an awesome story about juggling motherhood and athletics? Or ensuring that your kids grow up healthy and fit? Lay it on us—the sweet, the sour, the glowing or gritty. Share your awesome mom stories and/or pics with us on Facebook or Instagram @StrongAthletic, and Twitter @GetSmartyCoach.

Just in time for Mother’s Day, Strong Athletic is excited to launch our new line of gear for the Athletic, Awesome or Badass Moms and Grandmas in our lives. I created this shirt for all of the strong, athletic moms, mums, mommas, mamas, grandmas, grandmothers and Gagas in the world. 

Although it is 100% okay to choose not to be a mom, or to never be a mom, for those who are, I salute you! Maybe you want a little flare to show off your own badassedness. Maybe you have a person in mind. Whatever the reason, you can browse the new goods HERE*.

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