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Bella Canvas Racerback Crop Top

This is the image of the Bella Canvas Crop Top 6682 Size Chart that Strong Athletic Prints on. The woman in the image is wearing the mauve Strong Athletic Grown-Ass Woman Crop. There is a graph with the different sizes and lengths on it.

  • This is the size chart for the Bella Canvas Racerback Crop Top, style number 6682

  • The arm holes for this tank are a bit more "dropped". You can see the athlete's black under shirt in the size chart above, giving an example of the difference between the arm holes for this tank, and a tank with more "average" arm holes. The middle photo with the side view is an example of what might show if you wear a bra, or a undershirt that covers more of your back. 

  • The arm holes for this tank are designed to make it look as if they were cut out with scissors, creating a look as if you cut up one of your favorite shirts. 
  • This tank has a crew-neck design which makes it so that the collar comes right up to the neck line, making it so your chest is covered and you will not see your collarbone. 

  • As the sizes get larger, the material on the back of the tank becomes more flowy, rather than being a straight cut. 

  • We call this a "starter crop" because this crop isn't cut as high as other crops. The length of your torso will be what dictates the length of the crop on your body. For people with a shorter torso wearing a size Small or Medium, this tank might not seem like a crop. As this tank gets larger in size, it also gets longer. Some people find that the XL and 2XL fit like a regular tank, and if they want the shirt to be more cropped they cut it to the length they want it to be.  

  • In regard to the difference between the Bella Canvas Racerback Crop Top and the Bella Canvas Boxy Crop Top, the designs of the crops are different on both the front and the back of the tank tops.
    • The backs of the two crops are designed differently with the Racerback Crop making more of a "T' or a "Y" on the back and the Boxy Crop making more of an "H" on the back. 
    • The Racerback Crop top is flowy, the Boxy Crop top is cut straight down at the sides. 
  • We highly recommend that you use this size chart to make your choice in the size of the shirt you choose, as this will get you the most accurate size for your body.