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Strong Athletic Woman Blue Sticker

This sticker usually ship within 48 hours. If we're unable to do that, we'll message you. Thanks for your order!
This is the Strong Athletic Woman Sticker by Strong Athletic. This light blue sticker with black ink is a good reminder to all of us that women are strong and athletic and belong in sport. #strongathleticwoman #womenwholift

About the Strong Athletic Woman Blue Sticker 

Strong Athletic supports women in sports. Period. This sticker is based on our original design created in 2013 by Cristen Perks. The words are no less important today than they were then. Keep fighting for what you believe in. We believe in women's strength, their ability to play sports and shape sports. 

This sticker is round. It has a light blue background and the words are printed in black ink. The art is nice and shiny. 

This sticker was printed in the USA.