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We Are Nation Shirts

These three designs were created in order to raise money to help get skaters to the WFTDA Championship Tournament in Montreal in 2019 where the first ever We Are Nation game will be played between Team Indigenous and Jewish Roller Derby. The game is meant to highlight skaters from teams that are traditionally marginalized on a global scale, in sports and in roller derby. $10 from the sale of each shirt will go directly to skaters and support staff from both teams. The money will be used to cover all costs associated with being at the event. 

About the We Are Nation Game

This Spring, Team Indigenous worked with WFTDA Tournaments Manager Suzy Slam, on the process for developing Land Acknowledgements.  WFTDA had committed to moving forward with having Land Acknowledgements at playoff and championship locations and requested some support with how to best implement that process.  Working in collaboration, an instructional document was created to help leagues understand the purpose of Land Acknowledgements and the importance of the process for researching the history of the land and giving space to those who were the original inhabitants.   
From this collaboration further conversation emerged about how amazing it would be to provide Team Indigenous with a space that is highly visible to continue to demonstrate their strength and resilience.   With this idea came the question of who they would play?  Another team from World Cup?  Another local team? Themselves?  As WFTDA and Team Indigenous worked together, further discussion emerged about the inclusion of another borderless nation.  A team who represented a similar history of strength and resilience in the face of adversity, Jewish Roller Derby. This is the story of how "We Are Nation" was born.  This is a game that will celebrate two teams on the biggest stage in the roller derby community as they claim that space for people traditionally marginalized on a global scale as well as within the sport.  A game to claim space and celebrate a different way to define "nation".  A game without borders.

Team Indigenous and Jewish Roller Derby look forward to celebrating our nations, our collaboration and our collective strength, determination and our resilience. We thank you for your support and look forward to November!


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