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Strong Athletic Custom Flowy Muscle Tank

We are not taking custom orders at this time. If you'd like to place a bulk custom order of 10 or more shirts email us at
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Have you ever wanted to design your own Strong Athletic Muscle Tank. What words do you want to wear across your chest? Words are powerful and when well chosen, they can relay important messages. At Strong Athletic we know that many people in our community have phrases and words that are special to them, that we haven't thought of. That is why we created the Design Your Own Strong Athletic Option. This muscle tank is a favorite among many!

About the Strong Athletic Design Your Own Custom Flowy Muscle Tank

Have you ever wondered, "Who makes the Strong Athletic shirts"? or "How does Strong Athletic decide which shirts they're going to design?" The answer is simple, it's a combination of ideas we come up with and also badass ideas that are brought to us by people in our community. 

Make a Statement Every Time you Wear Your Favorite Strong Athletic Muscle Tank

You're unique and your Strong Athletic shirt should reflect just the person you are. Ever had a great idea for a Strong Athletic shirt design? Great news! You can design your own shirt! As long as Strong Athletic approves the statement that you'd like to make, you're good to go. We're don't support hate speech of any kind or statements that are intended to make fun of a group of people. If you're a fan of Strong Athletic, we bet you're in agreement with us! 

Here's the process:

1) Pick 1-2 words for your tank. The shirt will read "Strong, Athletic, ________," You also have the option of simply having the word "Strong" on the chest and then follow that word with a few others, bypassing the word "Athletic". 

2) Pick the color of the shirt that you want

3) Pick the ink color 

4) Pick a size

5) Include any special instructions for your shirt when placing the order, or ask us to call you when making the design.

6) For orders of 19 or more you also have the option of adding a logo to sit next to ours. 

7) Get excited while you anticipate the arrival of your new shirt- we do specialty shirt orders in bulk every 4 weeks. 

8) Do the awesome things you've been doing for ages, but now wear your new favorite shirt while doing them.

9) Tag @strongathletic and #strongathletic while wearing your new shirt so we can see all the awesome things you get up to in your new shirt and we can repost 

10) Write us a review to let us know if you love your shirt! 

The Printing Process 

This shirt is screen printed by hand in Austin, Texas. The words "Strong Athletic _________" and the Strong Athletic logo are screen printed on the front, the logo is also screen printed on the back. 

The design of this shirt is based on the original Strong Athletic Woman T-shirt designed by Cristen Perks in 2013 for Strong Athletic owner Nadia Kean. The Strong Athletic logo was designed by Angel Ortega, owner of Garzig Design. 

The t-shirt that we use is a Bella Canvas Crop-top order. Bella and Canvas is a WRAP Certified company and their shirts are made in the USA in LA.