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Strong Athletic Chronically Ill District Muscle Tank Black with White Ink

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This is the front view of the Strong Athletic Chronically Ill District Muscle Tank. This tank is a slightly different fit and feel to the flowy muscle tank. It fits a bit tighter and the material is solid black, rather than marble black.  We created this tank because there are so many athletes who live with chronic illness, but sometimes people don't talk about it enough. Many times, chronic illness is referred to as an invisible illness, because you can't always see it. $1 from the sale of each of these shirts has been pre-donated to The American MS Society.

About the Strong Athletic Chronically Ill District Muscle Tank

This shirt was requested by roller derby skater Killanois from Windy City in Chicago.  She both plays sports and lives with the autoimmune disorder Hashimoto's. Founder of Strong Athletic, Nadia Kean, also lives with Hashimoto's and knows the ups and downs that humans with the disorder feel everyday. From brain fog, to apathy to lethargy, it impacts everyone differently. In the message that she wrote after she received her tank she said, "This past weekend I played my first division 1 playoff knowingly ill. I've trained all year for this weekend in hopes to advance to champs... I'm so proud of my team and myself for how far we've come. I feel like I played well even if the score doesn't that. I will continue to work hard and strive for champs with my team in the coming years and prove that even with chronic illness, you can compete at the highest level of sport." We couldn't agree more with Killa and we're so proud that she wanted to represent herself as a #strongathletic athlete. 

$1 of every shirt sold has been pre-donated to the National MS Society.  

The art on this tank is based on the original design created by Cristen Perks in 2013. To read the origin story of Strong Athletic click here. The version of this design was created by Nadia Kean. The Strong Athletic logo was created by Angel Ortega of Garzig Design. This shirt was printed at a small, low-scale, local shop in the US. 

About the Tank 

This design is printed in white ink on a black District Muscle Tank. The front of the tank says Strong Athletic XXXXXX and has the Strong Athletic logo, the back of the tank has the Strong Athletic logo. The sizing for this tank is based on the average body size of cis woman. If you've worn other Strong Athletic tanks before, be sure to look at the sizing for this one, as it's might fit a bit different than your other tanks depending on the brand that you own. 



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