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Strong Athletic Cancer Slayer Flowy Muscle Tank

This is Farm Fresh, aka Kerri, the human that inspired her friends so much that they asked us to make this tank for her. Now FF wants to make sure others can get it too! We know that every person will have a different experience with Cancer, and not every person who has cancer will feel like they are "slaying" it, however for those who do feel represented by this design, this one's for you!

Strong Athletic Cancer Slayer Flowy Muscle Tank

In 2018 a few Denver Rollergirls reached out to Nadia and told her that a teammate of theirs, Farm Fresh, was diagnosed with stage 3 Ewing Sarcoma, and that they wanted to give her something to wear while she went through chemo, working toward beating her cancer and getting into remission. They loved the word "survivor" but at that point Kerri wasn't in remission yet and she had to fight the beast that was trying to take her body. They wanted a word that was empowering such as warrior or fighter, eventually slayer was chosen and that is the origin of the Strong Athletic Cancer Slayer design: a cureless disease that claims the lives of too many amazing humans, a bunch of athletes who loved their teammate and a woman willing to do what it would take to "slay" her cancer. The color chosen was yellow for two reasons. One, it's one of Kerri's favorite colors and two, it's the color for sarcoma cancer. 

Over the years Strong Athletic has made various shirts that say "Strong Athletic Survivor" but we've never made one that takes such a pro-active approach to fighting cancer. Kerri did slay, she went to her chemo sessions, did everything she could to take back her body and health and to her and everyone else's absolute happiness she was declared cancer free. Kerri gave Strong Athletic her blessing to make a small batch of these tanks for other Cancer Slayers, however once we released them it became obvious that a "small batch" wouldn't work. Thus, we made these available as one of our regular designs. $1 from the sell of each tank as been pre-donated to the American Cancer Society.

If you, or anyone that you love is fighting Cancer or any other illness Strong Athletic wants you to know that we support you in your pursuit to continue to following your dreams in sports and athleticism while healing your body. 

Read about Kerri's Story here

The Strong Athletic Cancer Slayer Muscle Tank was designed by Nadia Kean in the fall of 2018 and screen printed by hand by Amanda at the Austin Screen Printing Coop. The Strong Athletic logo was designed by Angel Ortega. 


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