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Strong Athletic Asian Black Flowy Muscle Tank with Yellow Ink

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This is the front of the Strong Athletic Asian Muscle Tank, black fabric with yellow ink. This shirt is printed on Bella Canvas 8803. Folks love this tank because it is flowy. If you wear a bra, you will most likely be able to see a slight bit of it. But in regard to muscle tanks, this one is not too revealing. #strongathleticasian

Expected release date is Nov 27th 2019

About the Strong Athletic Asian Flowy Muscle Tank Top

In the Fall of 2019, Shaolynn, skater for London Roller Derby and Team England Roller Derby, approached Strong Athletic about making a Strong Athletic Asian shirt. We were stoked to get the request and said, "yes!".  Shaolynn is part of the group "Asian Derby Skaters".

This is what Shaolynn said about the request for the shirt: 

"Being Asian comes with a heavy set of stereotypes. Submissive, petite, meek, exotic, fetishized, and often considered the “model minority”. But we don’t fit those stereotypes. We’re not here to be quiet and subservient. The community of Asian Derby Skaters want to stand up, be heard, and represent the strong athletes that we all are, in all our forms, redefining all the cultures we come from."

$1 from every shirt sold will be donated to Raging Asian Womxn Taiko Drummers, a Toronto Based Taiko Drumming Feminist Collective. Find out more about this group on Instagram: @rawtaiko

If you get one of these and are on social media, please tag us! #strongathletic @strongathletic #strongathleticasian #asianswhoskate

This shirt is screen printed by hand in Austin, Texas by Amanda at the Screen Printing Coop. This shirt is also printed in the UK by Roller Derby City. 

The words "Strong Athletic Asian" and the Strong Athletic logo are printed in yellow on the front, the logo is also printed on the back.  The art on this shirt is based on the original Strong Athletic Woman design created by Cristen Perks. The Strong Athletic logo was created by Angel Ortega. 

This design is printed on the Bella Canvas Flowy Muscle Tank Style number 8803. The sizing is based on the average body size of a cis woman. The tanks are meant to be slightly flowy and not clingy. 


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