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Sold Out! Team Indigenous Rising Logo Patch

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These patches have sold out, but you can go to to purchase one!
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This is the Team Indigenous Rising Logo Patch. The uniqueness includes the feather and the letters being "etched out" of the patch. We love this design. 80% of profits from this patch goes directly to Team Indigenous Rising.

About the Team Indigenous Rising Patch

These patches have sold out, but great news, you can go over to Team Indigenous Rising website and purchase one there. Plus, as of April 2020, 100% of the profits will go to non-profits that directly help Indigenous groups. 

This beautiful patch is about 3 x 3 inches and can fit into the palm of your hand. The outline of the patch is the design of the sticker, which gives it a nice uniqueness. 

Who is Team Indigenous Roller Derby? 

Team Indigenous Roller Derby began as a dream of Melissa "Mick Swagger", who found the lack of community within the teams she competed with challenging.  Through research, developing connections and collaboration Team Indigenous was created in 2017.  Co-Founder April "Jumpy McGee" Fournier and Mick worked to create a space for Indigenous derby athletes to come for community, acceptance, and strength.  The initial team was developed to compete at World Cup in 2018, but the team continues to grow, evolve and compete as new members join, new partnerships develop and the mission for Team Indigenous expands. 

We are Team Indigenous Rising. We are the Original Nations of the Americas. We are Indigenous athletes, coaching staff, and volunteers. The mission and purpose of Team Indigenous Roller Derby is to unite the Indigenous roller derby community, representing the proud, once-borderless communities in our Ancestral Lands on these continents. Our Ancestral Home is known by many names: Turtle Island, Abya Yala, Pachamama, and thousands more. We are committed to strengthening the sport of flat track roller derby, the athletes who play it, and the Indigenous peoples throughout the hemisphere by representing First Nations people in Tournaments around the globe in 2019.  

About the Collaboration for this Design

The creation of this shirt is a collaboration between Team Indigenous and Strong Athletic. Members from Team Indigenous approached Strong Athletic about a partnership that would help Team Indigenous raise funds to play the first "We Are Nation" game at WFTDA Champs 2019. Strong Athletic has always been a massive admirer of Team Indigenous and jumped at the opportunity. Although the game has passed, we've decided to make another batch of these shirts so that we can help TIR continue to raise funds for travel associated with being on a high level team. 80% of the profit goes TIR, 20% goes back to Strong Athletic so that we can continue to do cool, collaborative projects such as this one. To find out more about Team Indigenous or to donate to the team directly click here

About the Art Work

The inspiration for the artwork was provided by Team Indigenous. The Team Indigenous logo was created by Eleonore Mounier, aka Helly. 

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