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Design Your Own Strong Athletic Shirt

Words are Powerful


What words do you want to wear across your chest?  The type of message that someone might read and it will provoke thought, or tell my story, or give them something to think about for the next day, week or year. 

You can now do this with Strong Athletic's custom-made shirts. Send us the word that you'd like on your Strong Athletic shirt and we'll design the shirt and print it for you. Here are the guidelines:

1) Pick 1-2 words for your shirt. The shirt will read "strong, athletic, ________," Keep in mind that the shirts look best when the words are shorter because we can put them in the same size font as the words Strong and Athletic, but this is not mandatory. 

2) Pick the design of the shirt that you want

3) Pick the color of the shirt 

4) Pick the ink color 

5) Pick a size

6) Include any special instructions for your shirt when placing the order, or ask us to call you when making the design.

7) Get excited as you anticipate the arrival of your shirt- we do custom shirt orders in bulk every 4 weeks. 

8) Do the awesome things you've been doing for ages, but now wear your shirt while doing them.

9) Tag @strongathletic while wearing your new shirt, tag us #strongathletic and maybe ever create your own hashtag!

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